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Aus Wide Chauffeur Services
booking terms and conditions


A. Deposits and Remaining Balances
1. A deposit is required in order to confirm the booking
2. Deposits paid (in person, mailed in, deposited via EFT, or verbally phoned in using credit or debit cards) are NON-REFUNDABLE once received by Aus Wide Chauffeur Services Pty Ltd.
3. On weddings and special hire, e.g. daily hire, race days, etc., payment in full must be received by our office at least 7 days before date of hire. On all short-term bookings, payments must be made in advance, at least 48hrs beforehand.  Cash payments must be paid to the Chauffeur at the time and place of the first collection (pick up) point prior to departure.
4. Any bookings that are made by any persons under the age of Seventeen (17 years) must have parents or a guardians consent.  
B. Grace Period
1. A fifteen (15) minute grace period shall be established for late arrival of your limousine due to weather, accident or any misfortune. We will Endeavour to make your time up.
C. Extra Time
1. Any extra time after the booked time will be charged accordingly. One Hundred dollars ($100.00) per completed Half (1/2) Hour for Limousines and Coaches and  thirty dollars ($30.00) per completed Half (1/2) Hour for Corporate sedans. The first half hour is free.
D. Damages to Vehicles
The client who books the vehicle will be responsible for the conduct of all members of their party. Any damages to the vehicle or to its fixtures caused by the client, a member of their party or by inciting others shall incur a fee.
E. Cancellation Policy
1. Cancellations are accepted and must be received by us no later than 30 days prior to the hire date. No refund will be given on full payments made by The Hirer if cancellation is made after the 30 day period stated above.  Any Cancellation made less than 5 days prior to the function (i.e. School Formals, Debutantes, and Birthdays) will incur a cancellation fee of $200.00. Any cancellations made by any persons under the age of eighteen (18 years) will then become the responsibility of the parent or guardian to pay any cancellation fees.
2. The chauffeur may terminate your booking if the client or any member or their party causes excessive delays, are disorderly or, in the chauffeur’s judgment, are unfit to travel, with no compensation made to the client.
3. In the unlikely event that we are unable to complete a booking due to circumstances beyond our control, a full refund will be given. Beyond this we are not liable for any additional costs incurred or the loss of any monies paid by the client or party for tickets etc for the event they are travelling to.
4. The contract will be cancelled for any violation s of terms A and or D above with no compensation made to the client.
5. In the event of cancellation, any deposit paid would be forfeited, however, unavoidable circumstances, e.g. bereavement, deposits may be refunded at the discretion of The Company.
6. . . . The Company or it's representative (e.g. chauffeur), reserves the right to refuse entry to the vehicle to any person / persons they deem unfit for whatsoever reason and can refuse to continue the journey if any person / persons behave in a manner which may be detrimental to other persons or to the vehicle and it's contents. In this event no refund will be given.
F. Delays
Although Aus Wide Chauffeur Services Pty Ltd will Endeavour to meet all deadlines, we accept no responsibility for delay however caused.
G. Articles Left in Vehicle
Although we will take care, we will not be responsible for any loss or damage to luggage or personal property left in the vehicle during or after the rental period
H. Consideration
For the comfort and consideration of other clients, passengers are not permitted to smoke in the vehicle. Journeys of more than one and a half (11/2) hours may stop for a 10 minute break if pre arranged with our office.
I. Seatbelts
Passengers in forward facing seats are required by law to wear seatbelts and for your safety we advise the wearing of seatbelts by all passengers. Baby seats should be used in forward facing seats only.
J. Breakdown
1. Our vehicles are serviced and maintained to the highest levels however in the unfortunate event of breakdown Aus Wide Chauffeur Services Pty Ltd cannot be held responsible.
2. In the event of a breakdown or accident to the vehicle booked prior to the date of booking, every effort will be made to supply a similar or alternative vehicle/s at The Company discretion. If this is not acceptable to The Hirer, a refund will be made of monies paid.
K. Alcohol
The supply of alcoholic drinks by The Company may only be consumed within the vehicle (Limousines Only) and must not be removed from it at any time. Under no circumstances will alcohol be supplied to any persons under the age of 18.                   Aus Wide Chauffeur Services Pty Ltd,  holds no responsibility for any persons under the age of 18 that has supplied their own alcohol and has had parents consent. All Maritime services there is a no alcohol policy for both joining crew and departing crew.
L. Personal injury
In the event of personal injury and/or death, The Company shall not be held responsible for damages, losses or any claims for The Hirer or any third parties, arising directly or indirectly, except in the event of negligence on the part of The Company. No responsibility will be accepted for forces outside The Company's reasonable control ('Force Majeure').
M. Monies Owing
The Hirer agrees to pay Aus Wide Chauffeur Services Pty Ltd any fees or costs associated with the collection of any monies including any invoices that are due, payable or outstanding to Aus Wide Chauffeur Services Pty Ltd.

THE HIRER on booking a vehicle is subject to this contract agrees to all the above Terms & Conditions.

ACCL Crew Management

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